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Dryer Is Getting Hot But Not Drying Clothes: What’s Causing It?


Doing laundry can become a much more tedious chore if your dryer is getting hot but not drying clothes. This issue impacts plenty of homeowners, but what’s the cause behind it? The technicians at Rick’s Appliance Service are here to answer that question. 

This guide dives into the reasons why you have an ineffective dryer. If your laundry piles up because your clothes are not drying, reach out to our professionals for affordable appliance repair in Wichita, KS

Simple Dryer Troubleshooting Tips

People tend to panic when their clothes don’t dry even though the dryer still seems to be functioning. The solution could be as simple as checking a few components in your laundry room. Don’t fret if the dryer is getting hot but not drying clothes, and instead do the following:

  • Check the washer settings: The washing machine should always go through a rinse and spin cycle so your clothes come out damp but not sopping wet. If they are too wet entering the dryer, you won’t have luck finishing your laundry. 
  • Empty the lint tray: Clogged lint trays lead to significant ventilation issues and prevent dryers from effectively airing out clothes. 
  • Avoid overloading the dryer: Clothes can’t dry when there’s no room in the dryer. Fill your machine to about 80% capacity to ensure that the entire load can dry. 

You can also test out different heat settings on your dryer to see if that makes a difference. If none of these tips help, your dryer could need repairs. 

Mechanical Reasons Why the Dryer Is Getting Hot But Not Drying Clothes

In some cases, your clothes aren’t fully drying because of a mechanical flaw. A repair technician can inspect your dryer and perform repairs if necessary. Check out some of the main mechanical issues that cause this problem below. 

Faulty Heating Element

Your dryer won’t function properly if its heating element starts to break down. When this happens, the dryer won’t be able to reach the optimum temperature the clothes need. 

It’s also possible that your heating element works fine but you have a malfunctioning thermostat (which signals to stop the heating process if the temperature gets too high). 

Broken Blower Wheel or Drive Belt

The blower wheel is responsible for sending heat to the inside of the dryer, while the drive belt promotes the tumbling cycle. If either of these parts starts to fail, your dryer will heat up, but it won’t actually dry your clothes. 

Worn Out Motor

Finally, a malfunctioning motor will impact the rest of your dryer’s equipment. The motor may break down with age, but the rest of your dryer could work fine. You’ll have to replace this piece for future use. 

Schedule Fast and Affordable Dryer Repair Service

If your dryer is getting hot but not drying clothes, it’s time to reach out to the experts at Rick’s Appliance Service. We specialize in dryer repair and will have your system working again in as little as one service appointment. Contact our technicians at (316) 265-2866 to request immediate service in your home.