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How to Tell If Your Washing Machine Drain Pump Is Bad


Washing machines are one of many modern marvels that helped pull society into a more convenient lifestyle. However, they can still stop working with no solution in sight. If you know how to tell if your washing machine drain pump is bad, you can quickly contact a washing machine repair service in Wichita, KS, before you lose appliance function. Rick’s Appliance Service shows you the ropes below. 

How the Washing Machine Drain Pump Works

The washing machine drain pump releases dirty water and detergent particles from the washing reservoir. Your machine would retain all that murky water without one. Your drain pump consists of a few essential components, including:

  • A filter
  • A motor
  • An impeller

These parts typically work harmoniously to empty and clean your reservoir. However, the nature of their purpose sometimes leads to clogs and pump failures. 

What Causes the Drain Pump to Go Bad?

Some of the most common reasons for a bad drain pump include:

  • Faulty pump motor: The motor should only move water, dissolved soap, and dirt. It can fail when hard objects, like coins or rocks in your pockets, enter the pump system. 
  • Damaged impeller: The impeller works like a fan with blades directing water outward. Tangled fibers or heavy debris collections can cause impeller damage. 
  • Clogged pump filter: The pump removes debris from the cleaning reservoir. Therefore, dirt, lint, and other substances can clog the pump filter. 
  • Electrical disconnections: A series of wires deliver electricity to the drain pump. The pump uses electricity to function. Electrical issues can prevent the pump from accessing enough energy to function. 

Now that you know the reasons for pump failure, learn how to tell if your washing machine drain pump is bad below. 

How to Tell If Your Washing Machine Drain Pump Is Bad

Most appliances don’t stop working without some warning. Common drain pump failure symptoms include:

  • Incomplete cycles: Have you recently checked a wash load only to discover a full reservoir or soaked clothes? These issues indicate incomplete cycles, a hallmark of a failing drain pump. 
  • Stinky smells: You might detect rotten or decay odors wafting from your washing machine. The stench often arises from stagnant water, which your drain pump should eliminate following each cycle. 
  • Disruptive noises: When your washing machine makes loud, thumping sounds during the drainage phase, it might indicate that the pump has a clog or can’t effectively empty the water.  
  • No washer movement: Washing machines spin and jerk quickly to loosen dirt on fabrics. No or little movement during washing cycles often means you need a new drain pump. 

Leave the repairs to a skilled technician who understands electrical safety practices. After all, moisture and electricity are a potentially lethal combination. Plus, you don’t want to damage your machine further by accident.  

Rick’s Appliance Service Can Fix or Replace the Pump in Wichita, Kansas

You can quickly contact Rick’s Appliance Service for assistance in Wichita, Kansas when you know how to tell if your washing machine drain pump is bad. We help with preventive maintenance, appliance parts, and repairs for all modern conveniences. Call 316-265-2866 to learn more.