Why Is My Microwave Not Heating?


Most families use microwaves daily for plenty of meals, reheating leftovers, or safely defrosting foods. Because of this, it can be frustrating when you experience issues.

Are you wondering, “Why is my microwave not heating?” Work with Wichita’s affordable appliance repair team to get to the bottom of the problem. At Rick’s Appliance Service, we can explain what’s wrong with your appliance, repair a microwave, and more.

Common Problems

Many problems may lead you to ask, “Why is my microwave not heating?” Some of the most common include the following.

Problems With a Diode

If you notice your microwave isn’t heating your food, then the problem could be a high-voltage diode. This diode sends electricity one way to another microwave component that helps spin the microwave and heat your food. 

Blown Thermal Fuse

Fuses blow for one main reason. This is due to too much electricity flowing through at a single moment, which can cause overheating, fire hazards, or issues with the control panel and experiencing one power level.

A Malfunctioning Control Board

Sometimes, the control panel might not communicate with the microwave properly. This, in turn, may mean that the microwave can’t heat your food.

Try pressing different buttons on your control panel. Pay attention to what starts your microwave and what doesn’t seem to do anything. If one or more buttons don’t work, then the reason your food isn’t heating up might be because of a control panel issue.

What Should You Do If Your Microwave Stops Heating Your Food?

It can be frustrating when your microwave stops working like it should. Without it, you can’t heat up food properly, which can make mealtime frustrating. Thankfully, there are ways to address the issue.

If you’ve noticed that your food isn’t getting as warm as it should, then contact a professional. They’ll schedule a time to come and visit your property and examine your appliance. They’ll carefully look over the different components, identify the issue, and come up with an effective plan of action. From there, they can provide you with the repairs you need to have your appliance functioning again.

Hire Local Appliance Experts

Even though a microwave is a smaller appliance, it still deserves attention and care from trained appliance professionals. To avoid electrical hazards, you must always be careful not to touch the metal components without the proper equipment. 

At the end of the day, some common microwave problems can be fixed much faster by professionals, so if you need yours to be up and running sooner rather than later, Rick’s Appliance Service is the way to go. We have years of experience and are committed to excellence. When you work with us, we’ll take the time to carefully assess your unit, determine the issue, and provide you with the repairs you need.

Have you been wondering, “Why is my microwave not heating?” Contact qualified appliance repair technicians from Rick’s Appliance Service in Witchita, KS, today at (316) 265-2866 for microwave repair assistance and more.