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Can a Dryer Overheat?


Do you find that your clothes are hotter than normal when you remove them from the dryer? You might be thinking, “Can a dryer overheat and cause this issue?” Learn some of the top causes and dangers of an overheating dryer in this guide from Rick’s Appliance Service, the leading dryer repair company in Wichita, KS.

Why Clothes Dryers Overheat

Your dryer may start to overheat for several reasons. It’s crucial to pinpoint the primary cause of the issue and correct it before the problem escalates. Some of the most common causes of an overheating dryer include:

  • Blocked vents: When the dryer vent collects with lint, heat from the machine has nowhere to go. This can lead to overheating which affects the system’s performance and safety. 
  • Faulty heating elements: Your dryer’s heating element may break and require repairs. In the meantime, the machine could overheat when you use it. 
  • Malfunctioning cycling thermostats: Every dryer comes with a cycling thermostat, which switches on and off during operation. A defective system may not have the thermostat shut off and raise the temperature of the dryer. 

A professional contractor should inspect your system to determine the reason for your dryer’s abnormal heating. 

How to Prevent Your Dryer From Overheating

Now that we’ve answered the question, “How can a dryer overheat?” you’re probably wondering how you can prevent it. Emptying the lint trap every time you do laundry prevents buildup within the vent and keeps your system running efficiently. You should also schedule routine dryer vent cleaning services to remove any blockages. 

Pay attention to your dryer’s performance and make note of any changes. Reach out to a specialist to inspect the dryer if you notice signs of overheating or find that the machine takes multiple cycles to dry your clothes. An expert can repair or replace damaged components like the heating element, motor, or cycling thermostat.

The Importance of Dryer Repair

Not only can a dryer overheat but it can also present serious safety concerns if you don’t address the problem. Blocked dryer vents can spark a fire thanks to the flammability of lint and the high temperatures of the machine. Faulty mechanical components will continue to wear and may lead to extensive system damage if you don’t schedule timely repairs. 

Use an industry-approved dryer buying guide to find the right machine for your household and look for an impressive manufacturer’s warranty before you purchase. Any issues that arise with the dryer may be covered under the warranty so you don’t have to pay for repairs out of pocket. If your dryer does need repairs, find a reliable technician with plenty of experience and a good reputation. 

Contact Wichita’s Trusted Dryer Repair Contractor

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