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Why does my oven overheat


Why Does My Oven Overheat: A Short Guide

Why does my oven overheat and burn my food? There’s nothing more frustrating than an electrical appliance that doesn’t do what it needs to do for you.

Thankfully, in the case of your oven, there are several ways to troubleshoot the overheating problem. Keep reading to learn five possible causes as to why your oven is overheating and what to do about them. 

With over 90 years of combined experience, the Rick’s Appliance Service team is also happy to help you repair your oven and any other problematic appliances.

With over 90 years of combined experience, the Rick’s Appliance Service team is also happy to help you repair your oven, microwave, and any other problematic appliances.

Faulty Thermostat Knob

The oven’s thermostat knob is responsible for accurately controlling the oven’s heat. If it’s faulty, you might have higher temperature settings than the numbers indicate on the outside.

Check to see if the knob feels secure. If it’s cracked or broken, you’ll need to replace it, which is a quick and easy fix for any professional. 

Problematic Thermostat Sensor

If your oven is overheating, another common cause is a bad thermostat sensor. This bulb in your oven reads the temperature. If it’s broken or loose, the sensor won’t control the temperature, and your oven will heat up beyond what you need.

If the sensor bulb is causing problems, an appliance specialist like Rick’s Appliance Service can perform a quick and easy repair or replacement to restore your oven to working order.

Broken Heating Element

Why does my oven overheat? If it isn’t your temperature control mechanism, the heating element could be a problem. 

The element produces heat within your oven through metal coils (usually on the top and bottom surfaces of your oven). Check the coils as follows:

  • Unplug the oven. 
  • Check the coils for damage.
  • Are the coils loose? Fit them back into place. 

However, if you find something broken, you’ll need an experienced technician like Rick’s Appliance Service to replace it.

Blocked Ventilation

If you don’t clean your oven regularly, the buildup can block your oven’s ventilation channels. If so, and hot air can’t sufficiently escape, your oven will overheat.

A professional like Rick’s Appliance Service sometimes tests for a clogged vent by putting a hand (carefully) in front of the ventilation holes when your oven is set to a warm temperature. These vents are often above the oven door, behind the cooktop, or underneath the control panel.

Is there airflow coming through the vents? If not, clean the oven by hand or via the oven’s self-cleaning function. If cleaning doesn’t help, call a technician for help.

Faulty Fan

Is your oven noisier than usual? Is your fan rotating at a slower speed? Without a fully functioning fan, your oven can’t properly circulate or vent the air.

A technician can check whether the fan is dirty, broken, or jammed. It’s an easy fix to restore full functionality to your oven.

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