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Why Would a Washing Machine Leak From Underneath?


Once your washing machine reaches the end of the wash cycle, it should be cleaning your clothes, not the floor. In this quick article by Rick’s Appliance Service, the go-to provider of washing machine repair in Wichita, KA, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the answer to the question, “Why would a washing machine leak from underneath?”

How To Tell If Your Washing Machines Leak From Underneath

As you assess your leaking washing machine, you may be able to spot a few signs to help identify your problem. When starting your next spin cycle, keep an eye out for leaking water and the following signs:

  • Monitor each cycle: During a short cycle, watch your machine closely to determine where the water is coming from. If you understand the building process and the creation of washing machines, you understand that there are many components that can cause a leak. 
  • Watch your hoses: To determine the differences between a hose leak or a bottom leak on your washing machine, keep a keen eye on both areas while your washing machine completes a short cycle.
  • Inspect for water damage: Determining where your floors receive the most damage can help indicate where the leak first hits the floor: either under or behind your machine.
  • Examine the drainage system: When inspecting the drainage, you can determine if your detergent is the problem by inspecting for blockages, foam, or soap suds near the bottom of your tank.

Possible Causes for Washing Machine Leaks

If you’ve inspected your washing machine and understand that it has a leak problem, there may be a few answers to your question, “Why would a washing machine leak from underneath?” These include:

  • Faulty drain hose: Your drain pump expels your water after each cycle. If your drain hose or other loose connections are the problem, you may notice leaks dripping from pumps during use. 
  • Malfunctioning gaskets: Gaskets on your washing machine, which help keep everything connected, may loosen over time. If they do, you may start to see a developing water leak near the back of your machine. 
  • Broken water level switch: Your water level switch is responsible for stopping water flow if the tub gets too full. If your water level switch is faulty from use, it may not be able to detect overflowing water in your system.
  • Seal deterioration: Your seals are responsible for keeping water in the tub where it belongs. If your seals become worn over time, leaks may result.

If you’re still unsure what’s causing your washing machine to leak, reach out to a local repair expert.

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