How to Tell If Your Washing Machine Drain Pump Is Bad


Washing machines are one of many modern marvels that helped pull society into a more convenient lifestyle. However, they can still stop working with no solution in sight. If you know how to tell if your washing machine drain pump is bad, you can quickly contact a washing machine repair service in Wichita, KS, before you … Read more

Why Would a Washing Machine Leak From Underneath?

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Once your washing machine reaches the end of the wash cycle, it should be cleaning your clothes, not the floor. In this quick article by Rick’s Appliance Service, the go-to provider of washing machine repair in Wichita, KA, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the answer to the question, “Why would a washing machine leak … Read more

Why Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling?

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You wake up in the morning and sleepily traipse toward the fridge. An off-putting smell and lukewarm air greet you upon opening it. If you’re wondering, “Why is my refrigerator not cooling?” this guide can answer all your questions. Rick’s Appliance Service offers affordable appliance repair in Wichita, KS. Learn the reasons why your fridge isn’t … Read more

Five Common Refrigerator Problems Homeowners Face

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Refrigerator problems can lead to extensive food replacement bills. These issues may start appearing around the seven to eight-year mark since refrigerators typically don’t last as long. Even a clothes washer lasts about 10 to 13 years before it needs substantial repairs or a replacement. Regardless of your refrigerator needs, Rick’s Appliance Service provides affordable appliance … Read more

Why does my oven overheat

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Why Does My Oven Overheat: A Short Guide Why does my oven overheat and burn my food? There’s nothing more frustrating than an electrical appliance that doesn’t do what it needs to do for you. Thankfully, in the case of your oven, there are several ways to troubleshoot the overheating problem. Keep reading to learn … Read more

Diagnostics Guide of Different Washing Machine Noises

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Diagnostics Guide of Different Washing Machine Noises You never truly understand how much time and energy your at-home washer saves until you’re pushing a heavy, overflowing cart to your neighborhood laundromat. So, if you’d rather avoid such inconveniences, you shouldn’t ignore that new washing machine noise you’re hearing. Here are the top three washing machine … Read more

Refrigerator Refrigerant Leak: Safety and Awareness Guide

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Refrigerator Refrigerant Leak: Safety and Awareness Guide When most people think about needing appliance repair services due to leaking refrigerant, they think of their air conditioners. However, learning about why a refrigerator refrigerant leak can occur and its serious consequences is vital. Condenser coils expel heat from an air conditioner or refrigerator, but a problem … Read more